Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well today we went in to meet with Dr.Jordan. We sit down he says "why do you think your child is autistic" I said well Im not sure if he his and then went over behaviors,social,speach,ocupational,tantrums etc etc etc. He said "Ok you realize those are normal behaviors for 5 year olds.." UMMMM OK!

I pull out his school work and stuff to show him more examples and he could have cared less didnt even take them to look. He then handed me a packet to fill out of yes and no questions. While I do this he gives Chandler a preschool level photo flip book test. Then draws a line and asks him to write his "ABC's" on the line. He then makes dashes on my questionare and then puts it away and doesnt talk or ask any questions off it AT ALL.

He says he "does show signs of autism but that is probably because he has a neurological delay" which means he needs speech and ocupational therapy. and because he needs those therapys thats why he shows autistic traits.....HUH??

So writes a RX for speech 2x a week for 12mo and occupational therapy 2x a week for 12mo. and then tells me he's fine. I said what do you suggest about the anxiety issues? he said he is only anxious cause "Im a push over and he knows he can get away with it with me " WOW!! First off I am the strict parent so thats not true! Second UMMM your a professional!!??
He then hands me a print out of a book you can order on amazon that helps with anxious kids.

He then tells me that he's fine hes "just playing me" really my child has outburts and tantrums cause he's "Playing ME" Cause that makes sense!

Then tells me if I want to bring him back in two months he will re-test him. Which makes NO sense!

The interesting part was My dr sent us there cause she saw signs of Aspergers, not ONCE did this dr even use the word aspergers.

So I left and called a friend to see another oppinon, was a I just "being played" was I just trying to make some thing out of nothing?? she has known Chandler years and re-assured me she agrees the behaviors shes seen are not that of a typical 5 year old.

Still doubting my self and feeling like maybe I made it worse then it is... Then I call a friend who's son has Aspergers and we chatted a bit just to see if that was a normal type of Appt. and she strongly agreeded I needed a second oppinon and re-assured me mothers instinct knows.

I am by no means saying I hope he has Autism or Aspergers but I want him PROPERLY EVALUATED and if then it is normal behavior I will be very happy. But if it is something at all, he deserves to be happy and to be given the help and chance to be happy NOW not 10 yrs down the road.

So I get home still un-sure about it all and decide to google reviews. I am a review google queen and didnt have time to on him and had I done this before we would have asked for another referal.


I will say this reviews all though bad, made me feel a ton better and reassured me that I am not full of it. and that this SMUG Dr. was a HUGE waste of gas for my friendly little 62mile drive.

So tomorrow I call the other Dr. we found online and will make an appt. hopefully asap.

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