Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monday Monday..

Well the weekend is over and Monday is almost here and back to school. School has
Became an anxious time for me lately cause I never know what
To expect. Will he line up and go to class like he's supposed to or will he
Cling and end up throwing an on the floor tantrum begging me
Not to leave him. The safest part is he LOVES school, loves his teachers
And has an amazing day. But his anxiety and serpeation anxiety from
Me get the best of him. Lately I've been making little rewards on Friday that he can get if
Gos all week fit free at drop off which does seem to be helping.

His anxiety seems to be at a high point this past few weeks. Just this weekend he had to sleep in
Bed with chase cause he was too scared to sleep alone.
I pray daily for his anxiety and fears and for him to be able to
Go thru days worry and fear free.
I wont stop praying that cause he will get
There, that is why we are finding everything out, so we can help
And be sure he can be happy and anxiety free!
Cause he's worth it!

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