Sunday, January 22, 2012

Road to Gluten Free

So its been suggested that a gluten free diet can help with behavior/anger issues. I have always been open to trying anything that may help. I have decided we will slowly start transitioning foods to only gluten free for Chandler when we can. In the case of a birthday party and being offered cake I am going to allow him to have that etc. But most meals and snacks I do hope to be able to transition to Gluten Free.

So after posting on facebook for some tips on kid friendly gluten free foods and where you find them, off we went!! I managed to create a week of dinners that will stay with in gluten free for him. We also found some snacks and cereals that will stay with in gluten free as well. Thankfully Chandler has rarely been a big picky eater so I am hoping there isnt much change in taste and that he liked the items we chose.

Chandler is also a big cooker so having him be a part in making the meals will be fun as well. I dont know if it will make a difference but it deff. cant hurt to find out.

Now if some one would just hand me a list of what is and what isnt gluten free it would be this Alot less over whelming ;)

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