Monday, January 23, 2012


Well today I finally called Chandlers Dr. to follow up on the referral and got the information, and was reminded that typically they book months out. So I figured I better call ASAP, so I called and apparently I called too fast, the referral fax hadnt been sent yet. So I waited till I picked up the boys and called again. The lady answered and confirmed the referral and told me that the call before mine was a cancel for tomorrow at 330 and it was ours if we wanted it... I said YES! Thank you Lord for that Divine intervention.

Today a friend from the boys school had some books for me to borrow on Aspergers. One of them is for kids that go's over feelings/reactions etc. I read it with Chandler and then asked him if he knew why he was going to other Dr. and he said "cause I do some things different." I said yes, kind of. You havent done anything wrong we are going to the dr. to find out talk about "aspergers" he giggles and says "Asp Boogers, thats funny sounding" I said do you know how you get angry or scared sometimes? this will help us start to make it so you arent so scared or angry. I said would that make you happy. And he said yes. Chandler understands more then most understand. And from what I got from him he feels comfortable about the appointment , even with the possibility that he may have asp-boogers. ;)

I feel nervous,sad,anxious,worried etc etc etc. I am hoping we get some answers tomorrow and some direction. I guess my biggest fear is that I am going to have no clue. And the reality of it is that I really dont have a clue. But that I will learn more and more every day. After speaking to a friend today whos child has aspergers she agreed thats how she did it; just more and more and more each day. Im nervous about 1000 things and but feel hopeful and confident in it all. I may not get it today, I may not get it tomorrow but I will learn every day to make sure my little boy is 100% supported and given every chance for growth he can.
So no matter what these appointments result in and/or what we find out, we will learn it,live it and we will work together to overcome any challenges that may result cause of it.

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