Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Just want to scream!

I could scream! So we got a new referral to a Dr. we hear is phenomenal. So I called expecting a 2-3 weeks out as told. Well I call and the scheduling woman tells me that the Dr. must first review his "file" and then from there its 6months out. She said if they dont call with in 6-7 weeks I can call back!

6-7 WEEKS!!??? SO... 6-7 Weeks + 6 Months = nearly 8 months till he is seen! Are you Freaking KIDDING ME! So he will be out of kindergarten.

I am exhausted with all of this already! I am fed up with the fact that Scotts job raised insurance and now we are left with so many less options and no longer working with our Pediatrician who would be much more helpful in assuring we were steered in the right direction.

I am overwhelmed to the max with all of this but will keep pushing thru cause Chandler is worth it. finding proper care is worth it.

So I called back the Dr and she is going to try to get the ball going a little more tomorrow once she is in the office; FINGERS CROSSED!

In the midst of all this stress both boys are sick and Chase has pink eye.... when It rains it pours for sure!

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